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Toyota C-HR 2020 Hybrid mini SUV | Night Time Test Drive

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Toyota C-HR 2020 Hybrid without a doubt is aimed at the young and young at heart.Toyota C-HR 2020 Hybrid mini SUV | Night Time Test Drive

I tried out the Toyota C-HR 2020 Hybrid, it was my first time in a Hybrid car and it was a good experience.

Very distinct, the back of the mini SUV looks like its about to transform into an Autobot.

The response is instant when you step on the Accelerator.

The weird part was my ears kept listening for the engine noise and all I heard was the tyres against the road.

The C-HR is definitely one of the smaller SUV’s currently on the market.

Internal space, I would say the C-HR has the same or slightly more space than the Nissan Juke.

The overall length of the vehicle means it’s easy to park in tight spaces and of course with all the park assist features like rearview cameras and parking sensors.

On a hill climbs the engine kicks whilst the battery charges and you can see this indicated on the dash.

Watch the video;


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