Fuel Subsidy Removal: We‘ll buy Electric Vehicles — Transportation Minister

Fuel Subsidy Removal: We‘ll buy Electric Vehicles – Transportation Minister

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The newly appointed Minister of Transportation, Senator Sa’idu Ahmed Alkali, has unveiled a bold vision – Electric Vehicles as the best way of addressing the impacts of fuel subsidy removal in the country.Fuel Subsidy Removal: We‘ll buy Electric Vehicles — Transportation Minister

In a significant step towards this goal, he announced the ministry’s intention to acquire electric vehicles, marking a shift towards sustainable and efficient transportation.

He noted that to combat the effects of fuel subsidy removal in the nation, the ministry would consider purchasing electric vehicles.

During his inauguration on Tuesday in Abuja, Senator Alkali articulated his commitment to revolutionizing the transportation landscape.

A key focus of his tenure will be the modernization of the rail transport sector, fortified by robust security measures that underpin the government’s overarching objectives.

This strategic initiative draws strength from recent constitutional amendments, which have transitioned rail transport services from the exclusive list to the concurrent list.

By harnessing these changes, Senator Alkali envisions unlocking the full potential of this vital sector.

Moreover, this move is poised to alleviate the mounting challenges on the roads, including accidents, kidnappings, and armed robberies.

Senator Alkali stated that he would support the creation of a conducive environment while simultaneously enforcing zero tolerance for indiscipline, laxity, inefficiency, and any form of misconduct in the execution of official duties.

He further emphasized that the Ministry of Transport will take a leading role in enhancing the public transportation sector to bolster policies aimed at delivering democratic benefits to ordinary Nigerians.

This entails providing secure, affordable, and convenient public transport nationwide.

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