Twitter Influencer Narrowly Escapes Snake Bite during Plantain Harvest

Twitter Influencer Narrowly Escapes Snake Bite during Plantain Harvest

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In a heart-stopping incident that occurred earlier today, Neniger, a prominent Twitter influencer residing in Port Harcourt, has revealed how he had a close encounter with a venomous snake while harvesting plantains within the confines of his compound.Twitter Influencer Narrowly Escapes Snake Bite during Plantain Harvest

Recalling the terrifying incident, Neniger stated;

So this morning I went to cut one of the plantains in my compound and strangely I felt something was wrong as I cut. When I brought it down and carried the heavy bunch with both hands, I felt a movement and then dropped the bunch, behold it was a snake curled around my hand and the plantain.”

Quick thinking and relying on his survival instincts, Neniger carefully placed the bunch of plantains on the ground and swiftly reached for his trusty cutlass.

Within seconds, he managed to shake off the venomous serpent, allowing it to slither away.

Displaying remarkable composure, he swiftly decapitated the snake, ensuring his safety and preventing any potential harm.

Expressing his gratitude for the fortunate outcome, Neniger said;

Thanks to God I wasn’t bitten, and God gave me the skill also to overcome. Pals, be careful and watch your surroundings. God is good.”

As news of Neniger’s hair-raising encounter spreads across social media platforms, users are commending his quick thinking and bravery in the face of danger.

His followers on Twitter also expressed their relief that the situation ended positively, while many others are sharing stories of their own close encounters with wildlife to raise awareness about the potential hazards.

Snake encounters are very common in Nigeria, especially in rural and suburban areas.

As the country boasts a diverse range of snake species, caution and vigilance become paramount, even in seemingly harmless situations such as harvesting fruits within one’s compound.

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