Things are tough, I agree, but Street trading is now prohibited in Abuja – Wike

Things are tough, I agree, but Street trading is now prohibited in Abuja - Wike
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The recently appointed Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has taken a strong stance in shaping the future of Abuja by putting an end to Street trading.Things are tough, I agree, but Street trading is now prohibited in Abuja - Wike

In an emphatic address during the recent handover, Minister Wike communicated a clear message to both the management and staff of the FCT Administration and the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA).

According to him, it’s time to bring the dream version of Abuja to life, even in the face of challenges.

Addressing the assembly, the minister left no room for ambiguity.

He firmly conveyed that those responsible for this crucial mission must be prepared to stand up to pressure.

He urged those who were uncertain of their ability to deliver on this vision to step aside, emphasizing the privilege and responsibility of serving in their roles.

Minister Wike made it unequivocal that he would not tolerate anything hindering the progress he intended to make.

Minister Wike pledged to provide the necessary financial backing to enable the secretariat, departments, and agencies of the administration to undertake short-term projects.

These initiatives, he believes, will tangibly demonstrate the shared commitment to the Renewed Hope advocated by President Bola Tinubu.

The minister expressed his confidence that, with collective support, these aspirations are within reach.

In the minister’s view, every individual with responsibilities must display full dedication to doing what is right.

Chief among these responsibilities is the restoration of Abuja to its rightful splendor.

“I moved around Abuja and found out there is total darkness in most of the places. What we need to do is to ensure light comes back as soon as possible,” he remarked

Wike added that;

“Our environment must be kept clean; you must be on your toes. If you are in charge of sanitation. I will call you at any time of the day.”

The minister advocated for a transformation of the urban landscape. He stressed the need to eliminate haphazard motor parks that mar the cityscape.

“We should not allow motor parks all over the place, something must be done, as soon as possible. If you cannot meet my standard, say it now so that we can change you. Yes, I have a soft spot for women, you have to make a decision, we must be firm, and things must work,” Wike said.

He further said;

“Things are tough, I agree, but that does not make us lawless. Street trading is prohibited, people selling corn will drop their waste indiscriminately and these are the things that cause insecurity, criminals come to buy and use the opportunity to spy and give information to criminals. We must clear street hawkers.”

The issue of illegal structures and shanties also drew Minister Wike’s attention. He passionately questioned the prevalence of these structures across the city. Promising swift action.

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