People Selling Corn in FCT are the Cause of Insecurity – Wike

People Selling Corn in FCT are the Cause of Insecurity - Wike
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The newly inaugurated minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike has accused People selling corn as responsible for causing insecurity in the FCT.People Selling Corn in FCT are the Cause of Insecurity - Wike

Wike, who assumed office on a crisp Monday morning addressed FCT residents, sharing a comprehensive vision that goes beyond the surface.

His resounding promise: to walk a path that might ruffle feathers but is essential to restore Abuja’s well-crafted masterplan.

Wike revealed that one of his primary goals is to combat the shadow of insecurity that has lingered over the city.

As a firm believer in action, he pledged huge support and resources to empower security agencies to fulfill their roles. Wike firmly emphasized that he cannot let this vibrant city fall prey to lawlessness.

A key concern raised by Wike is the omnipresent street trading that has seeped into the urban fabric.

He highlighted the interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated issues – the litter left by corn vendors and the clandestine activities of criminals.

People selling corn will drop their waste indiscriminately and these are the things that cause insecurity, criminals come to buy and use the opportunity to spy and give information to criminals. We must clear street hawkers,” the Minister said.

Nyesom Wike draws on the guidance of the nation’s leader, affirming that President’s directive is clear: make Abuja a haven of safety.

The issue of security is the aim for us. Mr President has told me, whatever is required, we must make sure Abuja is safe. We are not going to tolerate the issue of markets everywhere. No, we cannot tolerate it. Yes I know that things are difficult, but it doesn’t mean you must cause crisis for other people,” Wike stated.

Wike’s address also took an unambiguous turn as he addresses those embroiled in the illicit dealings of land development. His words resonated sternly.

If you know you have developed where you’re not supposed to develop, your house must go down.”

In a direct call to action, he urges landowners to transform their Certificates of Occupancy into thriving, vibrant spaces.

The former Rivers state governor also issued a solemn warning about the potential misuse of uncompleted buildings as sanctuaries for criminals.

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