Nigerians slam Enugu Governor for Importing Foreign Cars for Police

Nigerians slam Enugu Governor for Importing Foreign Cars for Police

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In a recent announcement on his official Twitter page, Enugu Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mba unveiled the establishment of a new police unit, the Distress Rapid Squad (DRS), to replace the inactive Police Urban Patrol.Nigerians slam Enugu Governor for Importing Foreign Cars for Police

Enugu Governor Faces Backlash for Choosing Foreign Cars Over Nigerian Manufacturers

The primary objective of the DRS is to patrol Enugu’s streets and ensure swift responses to security concerns, as part of the governor’s proactive measures to guarantee the safety of lives, properties, and overall well-being of Ndi Enugu.

However, the governor faced backlash from Nigerians who questioned his choice of a foreign car manufacturer for equipping the newly formed squad instead of supporting Nigerian car manufacturers.

Expressing their dissatisfaction with the governor’s decision, Princewill, a concerned Nigerian, stated;

Enugu doesn’t need this. We have Innoson or any Nigerian car manufacturer that could have been chosen. Is Hyundai establishing an assembly factory in Enugu? Why did the governor overlook our local manufacturers? What is the maintenance plan for these cars? Is it just another lavish splurge? Let’s learn from the mistakes of Lagos and strive for better alternatives. This decision doesn’t align with supporting Innoson or any Nigerian manufacturing company.”

He added that;

How was this car model determined as the most suitable for the state’s patrol needs, considering our fuel scarcity issues and other challenges?”

Another citizen, Dawood Kehinde, expressed his concerns regarding the financial impact of the governor’s decision.Nigerians slam Enugu Governor for Importing Foreign Cars for Police

“I still wonder how our leaders think. Just imagine how much money was spent acquiring these foreign cars. This expenditure could have had a significant positive impact on Innoson’s books. The governor could have considered a partnership arrangement with Innoson, where these cars could be serviced by the Nigerian company every six months. But what do I know?” – he said

Chinedu Onoyima also echoed the disappointment, stating;

It’s disheartening to see the governor ordering all these vehicles from a foreign manufacturer when we have Innoson vehicles available. I don’t understand what is wrong with Nigerian leaders and their lack of support for local industries.”

Other Nigerians also voiced their opinions on the social media platform.

The criticisms from Nigerians highlight their dissatisfaction with Governor Peter Mba’s choice to bypass Nigerian car manufacturers in favor of foreign alternatives when equipping the Distress Rapid Squad (DRS).

These concerns emphasize the need for government officials to prioritize the growth and development of local industries, such as Innoson, to promote self-reliance, economic growth, and job creation within Nigeria.Nigerians slam Enugu Governor for Importing Foreign Cars for Police

As Nigerian voice their opinions, it remains to be seen how Governor Peter Mba will respond to the concerns raised and whether he will reconsider his decision to support the local Nigerian car manufacturing industry.

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