Spelling Bee: Graceland Student, Eyara Christy, Crowned “Queen Bee”

Spelling Bee: Graceland Student, Eyara Christy, Crowned "Queen Bee"
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In a remarkable showcase of linguistic prowess, Eyara Christy-Edo, a student from Graceland International School, emerged victorious in the highly anticipated Spelling Bee competition organized by the Rotary Club of Trans Amadi.Spelling Bee: Graceland Student, Eyara Christy, Crowned "Queen Bee"

With 51 schools participating, this event proved to be the grandest spelling extravaganza in Nigeria, captivating audiences and leaving them spellbound.

Eyara Christy-Edo’s triumph was hard-fought as she battled her way through a grueling contest, eventually claiming the prestigious title of “Queen Bee.”

As a testament to her achievement, she received a grand prize package, including a cheque for N300,000, a laptop, a collection of books for her school, an award plaque, a sash, a certificate, a magnificent trophy, and the honor of being crowned the ultimate spelling champion.

The second-place winner, Ebi Delight from Solid Steps Int’l School, displayed impressive linguistic skills and was rewarded with a cheque worth N200,000, a set of books for the school, an award plaque, and a certificate.

Vera Tamunoibim Stewart, representing Surebloom Int’l School, secured the third-place position and received a cheque of N100,000, books for the school, an award plaque, and a certificate.

Acknowledging the remarkable efforts of all participants, the organizers ensured that every finalist received a certificate of participation, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride among the young spellers.

To further extend their gratitude, the Rotary Club of Trans Amadi honored the sponsors who played an integral role in the success of the event, recognizing their invaluable support and contributions.

The competition also aimed to foster a love for learning and promote literacy among Nigerian students by offering free registration to all participants.

In addition to the top three winners, ten students and their respective schools were presented with consolation prizes of N30,000 and books each, ensuring that the rewards of the Spelling Bee were spread across the educational community.

The Rotary Club of Trans Amadi’s Spelling Bee competition has undoubtedly established itself as the premier spelling event in Nigeria, attracting young wordsmiths from far and wide.

With its mission to celebrate academic excellence and cultivate a passion for language, this epic battle of letters promises to continue inspiring generations of spellers to come.

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