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How stretch marks disqualified lady from Immigration Service recruitment

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A young lady was disqualified by the Ghana Immigration Service for having stretch marks, something that occurs naturally on the human skin. stretch marks

Evelyn Abagah, the lady in question, said that she was deemed ineligible for immigration duty due to stretch marks.

The sobbing woman expressed her belief that she will not be able to join the service since she will always have the marks.

A recent video posted on TV3 Ghana’s Facebook page showed the anguished young lady discussing how she was disqualified from the upcoming Ghana Immigration recruiting because she has the marks on her body.

The sorrowful lady told TV3’s host that she had gone through all of the preceding procedures just to be disqualified for something over which she had no control.

When asked if she would try again next year, Evelyn, who was crying, stated that as long as she had stretch marks on her body, she doesn’t see how getting into the immigration service is conceivable.

As expected, the video generated a lot of discussion among internet users.


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