Making music gives me Super Powers – Marbl

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Hey guy! Its another edition of Hitvibz Celebrity Timeout, where we handout with your favourite stars and get to know more about their life and career so far.

UK-based star Marbl

On this new edition, we had the opportunity to speak with UK-based star Marbl.

The sensational UK Electro-R’n’B singer has revealed how creating music makes her feel and three things her fans don’t really know about her.

Read the exclusive interview she had with Hitvibz to find out more….

Welcome to hitvibz celebrity timeout

Thanks for having me on your platform!

Can you run a little intro about yourself?

My name is Marbl, and I am an Electro-R’n’B singer-songwriter from North London.I've always wanted to have this super power says Marbl | Hitvibz

What made you say, ok I want to pursue music as a career?

I had been making music for some time now, but a few years ago when I started to fully recognise how creating music made me feel I knew I wanted to always have this super power with me.

Where do you have the highest fan base?

I think maybe stateside at this point! My most notable collaborations have been based over there.

How has the music industry treated you so far?

So far so good, and complicated lol. I think there is so much to learn and sometimes that can feel very overwhelming. I have been really blessed with some good people to help me navigate things.

So far, what are your most significant accomplishment?

Working with Bad Tuner from Brooklyn and Keys N Krates from Canada have been huge for me. Both amazing to work with and as I said both have taught me so much about the industry. The track I am on with Keys N Krates, ‘Original Classic’ has just recently come out and it features two other very well known rappers; Juicy J and Chip. I couldn’t have imagined how far the track would go, the feedback has been great so far!

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing young artist like you in UK?

Growing your fanbase!

What plans do you have in stock to overcome some of these challenges?

Keep engaging and delivering new music consistently.

Are you signed to any record label?


How many songs do you have to your name and how do fans relate to them?

I have 10 tracks available on the major streaming sites, but I have an older catalogue available on my Soundcloud.
My sound thus far has been really varied, so recently I have been focussing on honing a more particular sound.

Genre is a big thing! When I started doing music I was of the mindset that it wasn’t important, but it has repeatedly been an issue for me when it comes to things like pitching and securing a loyal fanbase.

Recently, you dropped a new song expressing how Lucky you are with love. Can you throw more light on that?

Yeah, Lucky is a celebration song! I was in a bit of a grey place emotionally at the time when I met my partner, and when I look back at how it all happened I feel like it was pure luck that brought us together. The song is for every win that feels a little unbelievable.Marbl - Lucky

Ever worked with any popular artist?

Most popular so far, Bad Tuner & Keys N Krates

Why that particular popular artist?

When I was sent their music, the words just flowed and they loved it too. The energies were similar all the way through.

Do you play any instrument?

No, unfortunately I don’t! I keep trying though [Laughs]

How do you cope with male fans so far?

I haven’t had any unusual encounters or situations with any male fans, so I guess I would say like any other fan. But I am aware that it can be a thing.

Three things’ fans don’t know about Marbl?

  • I used to be a DJ
  • I’m originally from Ghana
  • I have an extreme fear of flying

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Still making music, performing and collaborating with some other amazing artists.Making music gives me Super Powers – Singer, Marbl

One important message to all your fans out there?

Something I have learnt this past year is, do your best to ride the waves, and be open to where that may lead.

Ok…. Thank you for your time, we wish you the best

Thank you for your support!

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