Soulful Acapella quartet, Vadé drops fruitful single titled 'Mango'

Soulful Acapella quartet, Vadé drops fruitful single titled ‘Mango’

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Largely known for solely utilising their spine tingling harmonies, which captivated listeners of all walks of life from across the globe, UK’s very own A cappella quartet VADÉ (pronounced vah-day), have taken a fruitful route with their latest single, ‘Mango’.Soulful Acapella quartet, Vadé drops fruitful single titled 'Mango'

Their latest single, ‘Mango,’ showcases a fruitful departure as they venture into various genres, pushing their creative boundaries.

This summer-charged track combines Afrobeats and R&B elements, complementing their signature harmonies.

According to the group, “Mango” represents their identity while capturing essential aspects of their lives.

Listen to ‘Mango’ by Vade on Spotify:

It beautifully blends the exotic fruit’s sweetness with cultural significance, reflecting fondness for a partner.

The lyrics are simple yet heartfelt, expressing their love for their partners and comparing it to the sweetness of Afro-Caribbean foods and drinks like Fanta, plantains, and pineapples.

Formed in 2013 by Philip Yeboah and JJ Hammersley, VADÉ was later joined by Jermaine Sanderson and Roy Crisp.Mango by Vade

Their mission is to reimagine contemporary hits and timeless classics through a cappella, collaborating with other artists.

Their popularity has soared, amassing over 16 million views of their musical arrangements on social media since late 2021.

Engaging with fans through TikTok duets has further strengthened their connection with audiences worldwide.

The group’s sound evolved in 2022 during a collaboration with Erik “Blu2th” Griggs, a renowned multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Their first festive single, ‘Christmas Wish,’ was released in November 2022.

Listen to Mango by the Soulful Acapella quartet, Vadé on YouTube

Anticipation builds as VADÉ plans to release their debut EP, exploring new music styles later this year.

In the meantime, “Mango” offers a delightful glimpse into their forthcoming collection. You can enjoy the track on various music download and streaming platforms since its release on 28th July.

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