Music Video: Teezandos releases visuals for her latest single “OT”

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Teezandos, an East London artist, has returned with the video for her latest single, “OT.”Teezandos - OT

With her distinctive and gruff approach, the teenage rapper has established herself in the ever-growing UK drill scene, as evidenced by her latest effort, where she shreds up this lovely rhythm.

As she takes influence on the “creepier side” of life, the Hackney rapper enlightens us on what a drill MC can be.

She signed with UK rap legend Corleone when she was 14 years old and has been improving ever since.

At the age of 17, her debut single “Need Focus” had over a million streams.

TeeZandos – OT [Download/Stream]

“Slender,” “Phone Call,” “Page 45,” and a freestyle with Link Up TV are among the freestyles and tracks that the East Londoner has released so far.

This one is devoted to Tee’s early years, when she was “15 with a 15 up in OT.”

On this track, the now 19-year-old demonstrates her narrative abilities by informing us about bandos, traps, and violence through her cold lyrics.

Teezandos is portrayed by an actress in portions to demonstrate what happens in OT when she is 15 years old.

The young driller, like her previous video for “Uh,” sticks to classic drill-themed images with Tee and her crew, but adds her own vintage flare.

TeeZandos – OT [Watch]

We see the video glitch back to a vintage lens recording right away, which corresponds to the lyrics, which feature Tee reflecting on difficult events in her life.

In another brutally honest track by Teezandos, the cruel realities of drill is brought out in graphic detail.


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