Ajet 2F releases debut single ‘Ride with 1’ – A positive drill tack

Ajet 2F releases debut single ‘Ride with 1’ - A positive drill tack
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Already gaining attention through a freestyle that went viral on TikTok hitting over 1 million views, with 1 million streams on Spotify (before being taken down) and 500,000 streams on Soundcloud, Ajet 2F will now release ‘Ride With 1’ as his official debut single.Ajet 2F releases debut single ‘Ride with 1’ - A positive drill tack

‘Ride With 1’ is an inspirational track from Ajet 2F showcasing his lyrical flow with bars about not carrying weapons, focussing on your career, and staying mentally aware.

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He portrays his own life in a real way with his personable character shining through. The drill beat let’s his lyrics and flow standout, giving the track Ajet 2F’s poetic & expressive stance on parts of life through his eyes.

Although 2023 sees him releasing his debut single, Ajet 2F has been posting casual freestyles since 2019 on social media creating a huge buzz leading to his fanbase growing and following him on TikTok and Instagram.

A pivotal moment in his career came from his inclusion in the viral 2021 Blackbox Hardest Under 18’s Cypher which accumulated over 2 million views on YouTube.

Another freestyle ‘Lone Ranger’ reached #61 on the UK Official Singles Charts and along with a viral verse on ‘Intro’ combined reaching 13 million streams. Ellie Prohan named another freestyle ‘Flax’ as her ‘Power Track Of The Week’.

Quote from Ajet 2F:

Ride with 1 started out as an Instagram and TikTok freestyle which turned out to go viral. The idea stemmed from the song ‘Die Young’ by Roddy Ricch which talks about how some young people carry weapons to protect themselves from losing their life at an early age. I thought about this idea and related it to myself; even though I don’t want to die young, I still don’t “Ride With 1” (a weapon) as that is not representative of who I am or who I want to be. This contributes to a larger understanding of the type of person I am. Despite making drill music, the life I live and portray is not that of a stereotypical drill rapper. I also explore the desire to stay on a path where I stay far from jail or anything of the sort and pursue my music career, which ironically starts with this song.”

Watch the music video……

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