Revealed!! Paul Okoye’s Girlfriend Was 5 Years Old When ‘Bizzy Body’ Was Released

"Bizzy Body" Release: Paul Okoye's Girlfriend Reveals She Was 5
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Ivy Ifeoma, the Instagram influencer and Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, recently revealed a delightful tidbit during the debut of P-Square’s global hit, “Bizzy Body.”"Bizzy Body" Release: Paul Okoye's Girlfriend Reveals She Was 5

It all started when Ivy displayed her lively dance moves to the catchy tune on her TikTok account, dressed in a chic white crop top, a stylish black leather skirt, and Y2K-inspired glasses.

In response to a curious fan who had watched her dance video, a question arose: “How old were you when your beau and his brother dropped this chart-topper?” Ivy promptly replied with a simple “5.”

Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, then seized the moment to put an end to swirling rumors surrounding his relationship status.

Taking to social media, he confirmed his current romantic connection and dispelled any whispers of a potential reconciliation with his ex-wife, Anita Okoye.

The buzz kicked off when Rudeboy shared a video featuring himself, Anita, and their children at a concert rehearsal in Detroit, Michigan.

The heartwarming family outing stirred a wave of emotions among fans and online users, sparking hopes for a rekindling of the former couple’s relationship.

However, amidst these discussions, some internet trolls directed their attention towards Ivy Ifeoma, challenging her belief that Paul would choose her over his family.

This backlash prompted Paul to take a stand and provide clarity on his relationship status once and for all.

In the end, this story reminds us that even amidst fame and public scrutiny, love and personal choices remain at the heart of it all.

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