Lagos Port: Customs Seize N550m Tramadol, Decline $54,300 Importer Bribe

Lagos Port: Customs Intercepts N550m Tramadol, Rejects $54,300 Bribe From Importer
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The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has taken a significant stride in upholding its commitment to curbing illicit activities within the importation sector by Intercepting N550m worth of Tramadol in Lagos Port.Lagos Port: Customs Intercepts N550m Tramadol, Rejects $54,300 Bribe From Importer

On Monday, the NCS reported the arrest of one Boniface Ike, a Nigerian importer, for allegedly attempting to bribe officers at the Tin-Can Island Command with $54,330 (N50 million).

This concerning incident revolves around the seizure of two 40ft containers loaded with illicit and hazardous drugs, originating from India.

During a press conference held in Lagos, the Customs Area Controller for Tin-Can Island Port, Comptroller Adekunle Oloyede, shed light on the situation.

The intercepted unregistered pharmaceutical products, valued at N550 million, were discovered at the Lagos Port. Importantly, these products lacked the necessary permits and certificates required for lawful importation.

Shockingly, the importer concealed these dangerous drugs by disguising them as ordinary electrical appliances.

The absence of proper documentation has raised significant concerns about the safety of these products for consumption by the Nigerian public.

This issue highlights the vital role that accurate paperwork plays in ensuring the well-being of citizens.

Comptroller Oloyede emphasized that the ongoing deceptive practices of certain importers and agents have propelled the NCS to adopt innovative methods in its fight against smuggling.

This proactive approach aims to not only curb revenue losses but, more importantly, safeguard the lives and health of Nigerians.

In a resolute statement, Comptroller Oloyede declared that;

The Nigeria Customs Service will not be a part of nefarious acts which will jeopardize the safety and lives of the citizens of our dear country, Nigeria, any fraudulent importer or agent who tries to perpetrate such acts will be prosecuted accordingly.”
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