Bauchi Police take down 10 terrorists, rescue 39 kidnap victims

Bauchi Police take down 10 terrorists, rescue 39 kidnap victims

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Bauchi State Police Command operatives have successfully neutralized 10 individuals suspected to be terrorists and liberated 39 individuals in Yankari Forest, as reported by Dailypost.Bauchi Police take down 10 terrorists, rescue 39 kidnap victims

This achievement comes as a result of a highly effective joint security operation known as Operation Sharan Daji.

In a statement delivered by Ahmed Wakili, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Bauchi State Command, initial investigations uncovered that approximately 24 kidnappers had infiltrated the Gaji community last Thursday.

The statement detailed that these assailants specifically targeted several businessmen who were returning from the Mararaban Liman Katagum Market.

They were swiftly seized and transported to a location within Yankari Forest referred to as the Red Mountain.

It’s worth noting that these kidnappers demanded a ransom of N50 million from each victim before they were ultimately rescued.

This rescue operation was conducted by dedicated security personnel on Friday.

This due operation exemplifies the Bauchi State Police Command’s constant dedication to protecting the community and acting quickly in the face of threats.

The effective rescue of the victims is also an evidence of their commitment in upholding stability and security in the state.

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