International Democracy Day: Don't give up on Nigeria - Peter Obi to Nigerians

International Democracy Day: Don’t give up on Nigeria – Peter Obi to Nigerians

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On the occasion of International Democracy Day, Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, has issued a compelling call to action, emphasizing the critical need for Nigerians not to give up but rather unite and work together in building and reinforcing the nation’s democracy.International Democracy Day: Don't give up on Nigeria - Peter Obi to Nigerians

In a statement posted on his X page (formerly Twitter), Peter Obi expressed deep concern about the erosion of the core principles upon which Nigeria’s democracy was founded.

He warned that if the current trend of corruption, constitutional abuse, disregard for the rule of law, and transactional politics persist unchecked, it could lead the nation further down the path of lawlessness.

As witnessed in the country today, the mindless erosion of the very ideals and tenets on which Nigeria’s democracy was built, if not checked, will only push the nation deeper into lawlessness,” Peter Obi stated.

Highlighting the urgent need for change, Obi called on all Nigerians to remain committed to strengthening the nation’s democracy.

He reaffirmed his unwavering dedication to the cause, vowing to lead the nation towards a “New and Truly Democratic Nigeria.”

My vision of a New and truly democratic Nigeria is borne out of the deep conviction that Nigeria if given good leadership as I offer to give, will be beneficial to every Nigerian. We must not give up on our nation because a New and Truly Democratic Nigeria is POssible,” he said.

Peter Obi call for unity, vigilance, and commitment resonates deeply in these challenging times and reinforces the idea that Nigerians should not give up on their nation’s democratic aspirations.

Peter Obi concluded his message with warm wishes, saying, “Happy International Democracy Day, Nigeria.”

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