Revealed!! How sharing testimony of financial breakthrough in Church led to armed robbery attack

Revealed!! How sharing testimony of financial breakthrough in Church led to armed robbery attack

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A Twitter user has revealed how a family got involved in by armed robbery situation as they were attacked after sharing testimony of their financial breakthrough in church.Revealed!! How sharing testimony of financial breakthrough in Church led to armed robbery attack

In a cautionary tale that has garnered attention, the Twitter user, simply identified as Uncle Sola, shared a gripping story about the perils of oversharing personal victories, both in the realm of social media and even within the sacred confines of a church.

Uncle Sola’s Warning: A Lesson in Online Privacy and Church Testimonies

Uncle Sola took to Twitter to offer a heartfelt piece of advice:

Don’t rush to post all your victories on Twitter. Even in church, it’s not every testimony you share on the altar. Don’t be a toddler.

Drawing from his own experience, he narrates an incident that unfolded during his time in Lagos.

According to Uncle Sola, a family once shared a significant financial breakthrough testimony during a church service.

The joyous occasion turned into a nightmare when armed robbers targeted the family, demanding a portion of the newfound wealth.

What shocked them even more was the revelation that these robbers had attended the very service where the testimony was given.

This unsettling occurrence, Uncle Sola warns, is not confined to the physical world alone.

He emphasises the presence of “intellectual idiots” on social media platforms who demand evidence for every claim made.

He recounts the tale of an individual who tweeted a screenshot of his flight ticket as evidence, only to find himself turned away at the airport.

Unknown to him, a malevolent follower had extracted his ticket reference from the screenshot, prompting a call to the airline to cancel the flight.

Uncle Sola’s advice extends beyond financial matters, resonating particularly with the younger generation enamoured by the allure of social media validation.

He urges them to exercise caution, as oversharing can lead to unforeseen consequences.

Drawing an analogy from religious scripture, he cautions against casting valuable pearls before those who may not appreciate their worth.

In a world driven by the need for constant digital affirmation, Uncle Sola’s story serves as a stark reminder that not every triumph should be shared with the world.

It’s a tale of vigilance, where the line between celebrating successes and safeguarding one’s privacy must be carefully navigated.

So, the next time you’re tempted to share your every victory, remember Uncle Sola’s words of wisdom:

Go easy on the information overload. Don’t cast your pearls before the swine or give that which is holy to dogs.

How Sharing Financial Breakthrough Testimony in Church led to Robbery

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