Lady reveals how she met her husband on YouVersion Bible App

Lady reveals how she met her husband on YouVersion Bible App

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A Nigeria lady, identified as Oluwabunmi Fadahunsi has taken to social media to reveal how she met her husband on a popular bible app called YouVersion.Lady reveals how she met her husband on YouVersion Bible App

She described how they began admiring each other’s Bible highlights on the YouVersion Bible App before the man eventually discovered her on Instagram.

She went on to say that a few weeks later, the man chose to add her up as a friend on the social media platform, and that the rest was history as they are now both legally married as husband and wife.

Her statement reads;

It all started on YouVersion Bible App and started liking each other’s Bible highlights. After some months, he found me on IG and added me as a friend. Weeks after, he slid into my DM and here we are today ? My Bible App Friend is now my HUSBAND y’all ?❤️? Thank You Jesus.”

Start reading your bible today and take your bible studies serious, you never can tell where love will meet you tomorrow, its not all about screaming “God when” ? ??

YouVersion is a mobile and online Bible app available for Windows Phone, Android, and many more operating systems.

YouVersion claims that in 2022, the Bible App had more than 800 Bible plans and devotionals in addition to 2,863 Bible versions in 1,868 different languages, audio Bibles, and offline functionality.

The #1 ranked Bible App, YouVersion, is being used by individuals to read, listen to, watch, and share the Bible on more than 350 million devices worldwide.

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