2023 WASSCE: WAEC Arrests Over 20 Officials Involved in Exam Malpractice

2023 WASSCE: WAEC Arrests Over 20 Officials Involved in Exam Malpractice
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In a major crackdown on examination malpractice, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has apprehended over 20 school officials accused of aiding and abetting fraudulent activities during the WASSCE Exam for school candidates.2023 WASSCE: WAEC Arrests Over 20 Officials Involved in Exam Malpractice

The arrests were carried out in multiple locations across the country, demonstrating the council’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the examination process.

During a monitoring exercise conducted by Mr Patrick Areghan, the Head of National Office (HNO) of WAEC, in schools located in Lagos, he confirmed the arrest of these individuals.

WAEC has promptly handed over the offenders to the police for prosecution, and Mr Areghan assured the public that the council will spare no effort in ensuring that justice is served and the culprits face the consequences of their actions.

Mr Areghan expressed grave concern over the rampant issue of examination malpractice, emphasizing that it cannot be taken lightly anymore.

He stated that this unethical behavior has severely eroded moral values in society and has reached a critical stage that poses a serious threat to the nation’s stability.

This stern response from WAEC indicates that business-as-usual approaches will no longer be tolerated.

The gravity of the situation was exemplified by the arrest of a school proprietor and a supervisor, who were caught red-handed and subsequently handed over to the police.

Similar incidents occurred in Osogbo, where a principal, invigilator, and chief supervisor were arrested for their involvement in examination malpractice. In yet another case in Kaduna, a supervisor and an examination official were apprehended for their illicit activities and subsequently handed over to the authorities.

Mr Areghan also clarified a specific incident in which a school, originally designated to be in Kano, was relocated to Kaduna due to its closer proximity.

This move highlights the council’s dedication to ensuring fair examination practices and apprehending wrongdoers, regardless of their location.

These arrests signify only the beginning of a comprehensive crackdown on examination malpractice, as WAEC remains steadfast in its pursuit of justice.

Mr Areghan urged candidates not to compromise their future by succumbing to individuals who offer assistance in passing examinations through illegal means.

He emphasized that WAEC’s examinations are impervious to unauthorized access, debunking the notion of leaked questions.

Furthermore, Mr Areghan cautioned the media against using the term “leak” when referring to the examination process, as it misrepresents the reality.

He stated that the council has sophisticated methods to detect any attempts at photographing and disseminating examination papers during the ongoing tests.

Through these measures, WAEC can identify those involved in such acts, determine the recipients of the leaked materials, and even ascertain which candidate’s question booklet was involved.

WAEC’s decisive actions and commitment to upholding the integrity of the examination system have sent a clear message that examination malpractice will not be tolerated.

With a continued focus on detecting and apprehending wrongdoers, WAEC aims to restore trust in the education system and protect the interests of genuine candidates striving for academic excellence.

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