The cry is over as Twitter two-factor authentication is now working

The cry over Twitter two-factor authentication not working is now over
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We can confirm that you may now receive verification codes on your phone, as it seems the worldwide outcry about Twitter two-factor authentication not working is finally resolved. The cry over Twitter two-factor authentication not working is now over

Twitter was literally going through a number of changes, and as a result of those changes, certain functionality appeared to be momentarily having a meltdown.

A number of individuals, including our very own official account, were having issues with two-factor authentication during the pandemonium at the social media firm.

According to numerous media reports, the 2FA problem prevented some users from accessing their accounts for several weeks.

Midway through November, when the issue allegedly started, Twitter Support stated that it was;

Looking into the few cases where SMS codes aren’t being delivered. To clear up confusion about two-factor authentication on Twitter – it’s still live and a good way to protect your account. If you have it turned on, your chosen authentication method should be good to go.”

When Twitter stopped providing the authentication codes through text message, some users complained bitterly that they were unable to access their various accounts on new devices and that their accounts were not getting verification codes.

We cannot send a text message to this phone number because its operator is not supported,” reads one of the messages received by Twitter users. Furthermore, it seems that those who use an authenticator app or physical authentication token for verification are not experiencing this problem. The Gadgets Now team is also experiencing the 2FA problem.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an additional security measure for a social media account, which includes Twitter accounts.

Those who have activated 2FA will additionally need to input a code or use a security key to login in addition to their password.

The extra step makes sure that nobody else can use your account without your knowledge.

The Twitter Support team was obviously aware of this problem, but after numerous emails from thousands of users, they stopped even responding; instead, you get an automatic response.

The critical question at that point was whether the cry from people who had been locked out of their various accounts not loud enough?

Fortunately, it appears Twitter was fully aware of this error and was able to rectify it even as the situation grew increasingly irritating.

As of this morning, we were able to log into Twitter and retrieve accounts that had been locked using the two-factor authentication and we also received codes on our phone.The cry is over as Twitter two-factor authentication is now working

So, go ahead, check your Twitter account this morning, try to log in, and don’t forget to turn off two-factor authentication, use the Google Authenticator rather, just in case ???

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