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Wheels: 2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt (A Legend reborn)

In 1968, a certain Ford blazed its way onto the silver screen. That car was the Mustang GT Fastback. The movie was “Bullitt”. And as a star was born, history was made. Now, a 50th anniversary Mustang BULLITT revives that legend. With an upgraded 5.0-litre V8 engine, available Dark Highland Green paint and ultra-modern, performance inspired interior, this is a car destined to become an icon of its own.

Welcome to Playstation 5

Sony Playstation 5 revealed by Sony, Sony PS5 coming in two models, one with Blue-Ray disk and one download only console. Fans are super impressed with the design and excited with the specs.

The ‘vieille femme’ Peugeot 404 is reborn

A car enthusiast with the twitter handle - @JaafarSJaafar, shared photos of his journey to restoring the once beloved Peugeot 404 automobile from the 1960s and 1970s era.

3 players you must not sign on FM20

I am going to show you a list of players who after research and saves of playing them have proven to me that even if there is a gun to your head please never buy them.