You cant take 3.2million votes from Rivers just like that – Wike to 2023 presidential candidates

You cant take 3.2million votes from Rivers just like that - Wike to 2023 presidential candidates
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The governor of Rivers State – Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has issued a strong warning to all presidential candidates in the 2023 election, telling them that they cannot simply grab 3.2 million votes from the state because the state will no longer be viewed as Father Christmas.You cant take 3.2million votes from Rivers just like that - Wike to 2023 presidential candidates

Governor Wike claims that a growing number of politicians in the state are defecting in large numbers to the Peoples Democratic Party, or PDP.

He gushed that they are doing this because they are happy with the continuous infrastructure improvements made by his administration and because they think the PDP is a better party to support.

Governor Wike made these remarks on Thursday while addressing the crowd during the flag-off of the 11th flyover project, which was carried out by former Cross River State governor – Donald Duke at the Rumuola-Ikwerre Road-Rumuokwuta Roundabout in Obio Akpor Local Government Area.

The governor of Rivers State noted that the PDP is unquestionably benefiting electorally from the steady decline in the number of members of other political parties in the State.

We have collapsed every other party. Every day people from All Progressives Congress (APC) are joining our party. We are here doing that and some people are in Abuja; ask them how many persons have they brought to the party. It’s not to say I’m supporting our candidate. How many people have you brought to help your candidate. We are here everyday bringing people to join our party and you are there following your candidate from Abuja to Adamawa. Is it there you’ll win the votes? Come back home.” – Wike noted.

Governor Wike emphasized that Rivers State is too strategically important for any serious politician seeking office to ignore.

He argued that it was pointless for people to claim to know the PDP presidential candidate while they are away from their homes, where votes could be mobilized to win the election.

This Local Government alone, Obio Akpor, where I come from, we registered not less than 600 thousand voters. This local government beats two States in their electoral strength. So, we are not a state that you can take for granted, not to talk about the Local Government where I come from. I believe that they must know us here because we have what it takes to deliver. They must come and know us. I’m not going to find anybody. You must come here. You can’t take 600 and something thousand votes away from my local government. You can’t take 3.2million votes from my State just like that.” – the governor said.

It was emphasized by Governor Wike that the day had passed when voters and supporters would cast their votes without getting anything in return.

If we were father Christmas before, we won’t be father Christmas again. You must tell me what is there for me if I should vote. So, nobody should bother himself. At the appropriate time we will talk to our people and our people will understand. If you say we don’t exist, we will tell you that you don’t exits. I am not a son to anybody. I am a son of Rivers State. I am working to attract what will benefit Rivers State.” – Governor Wike said.

The infrastructure projects, according to Governor Wike, show how Rivers money was used by his administration to address important socioeconomic issues.

He said that because they will effectively manage traffic-related issues, the 12 flyovers that will be built over the next three years will be valued more.

According to Governor Wike, every effort has been made to guarantee that funding is accessible so that every project initiated by his government is finished and not abandoned.

As at yesterday (Wednesday), I have released the money for the compensation of every property that will be affected here. We have paid for the relocation of the electric poles and property from Mgbuoba to Ozuoba. We have paid for the relocation of electric poles and property on Azikwe lloabuchi Road. So, the total compensation we have paid is N4.3b.” – Wike said.

The governor further said that Julius Berger Nigeria PLC would be deducting N2 billion from the State’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) account over the course of the next ten months in order to complete the construction of the 11th and 12th flyovers.

He added that Julius Berger Nigeria PLC has already received 80% of the contract price for the construction of the Azikwe-lloabuchi Road.

The contractor has been instructed to move quickly, and Governor Wike emphasized that his administration is committed to finishing the Andoni part of the Ogoni Opobo-Andoni Unity route.

Andoni must get road before go there to campaign. I have told the contractor, Opobo has gotten road, Andoni people must drive by road before the administration ends. The Trans-Kalabari road, we have paid 100%, that is over N13b we have paid and I believe by the grace of God, by this September, the first phase of Trans-Kalabari road will be completed. The one of Bori to Kono that CCECC is doing, which we have paid over N14b and finished paying.” – he said.


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