Wike tells political parties not to incite violence during campaigns

Don't instigate violence during campaigns - Wike tells political parties
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Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has urged political parties and candidates running for office there in 2023 to refrain from any actions or conduct that would arouse political unrest.Don't instigate violence during campaigns - Wike tells political parties

In a State-wide broadcast on Friday, Governor Wike delivered the instruction and emphasized that the current climate of peace and security in the State will not be jeopardized.

He pointed out that political parties and their candidates need to be aware of their legal obligations to promote a supportive civic climate for peaceful campaigns and elections as the campaign for the general elections of 2023 gets underway.

We clearly respect and guarantee the rights of all the political parties, their candidates and their supporters to unfettered political campaigning throughout the State. We cherish this sustained atmosphere of peace and security in our State and would therefore count on the cooperation of the political parties and their candidates to ensure that Rivers State remains peaceful and secure for everyone to go about with his or her legitimate endeavours.” – he said.

In order to attain and maintain the current state of peace and security throughout the State, a significant amount of time, effort, and money were expended, according to Governor Wike.

But he added that his administration is aware of its supreme responsibility to safeguard people’s lives and property in Rivers State.

The governor made a case for why the next campaigns shouldn’t be marked by violence but rather carried out within the bounds of the law and with a strong sense of responsibility.

Consequently, we will neither allow nor allow any political party, their affiliates, candidates, and their supporters to violate the prevailing peace and security in the State under any political pretext.” – Wike said

He further stressed;

Owners should refrain from allowing their business premises, hotels, cafeteria, relaxation lounges or private homes from being used for unlawful political gatherings and other criminal acts by party thugs and other criminal elements, including cultists, as we will bring down or seal up any of such buildings, structures or premises without further notice.”

The governor of Rivers State praised the security agencies for their sacrifice and effective work in maintaining the peace and protecting people and property in the State.

Rivers residence, however, received the assurance by Governor Wike that his administration will continue to give the security services the necessary logistical support and encouragement to increase their ability to function efficiently.

We also enjoin members of the public to be vigilant and cooperate with the security agencies to deliver on their security duties to the State.”

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