UK Health Officials Recommend End To Mandatory Mask-Wearing

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UK health officials have advised the Government that Mandatory mask-wearing requirements should end in most areas.

The Chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan has recommended that masks should become optional in education, public transport and schools settings after the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHE) met earlier on Thursday. However they still recommend mask wearing in healthcare settings, including hospitals.

They will advise the Government that masks-wearing requirement in most settings will become advisory.

It is expected that the Government will accept the advice, meaning that masks will no longer be mandatory in those areas.

The recommendations are contained in a letter to the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

Eamon Ryan the minister for Transport said:

“My view is that we should start immediately by removing the requirement for our school children to have to wear masks in school,” Mr Ryan had said.

“It was put in for good public health reasons but I think they’re also good reasons for the health of our children in a wider context of them not having to wear masks.

“I hope that can be done straight away.

“I have the same view with regards to retail and public transport.

“I believe that we should go from a mandatory system towards a guidance system and public health guidance to continue to wear masks.

“It does make real sense, it makes good public health sense.”

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