Don't Blame Us if Arrested in Street Fights - Police tell Nigerians

Two Fighting: Don’t Blame Us When You Are Arrested in Street Fights – Police to Nigerians

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In a stern message to Nigerians, the Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has issued a strong warning against engaging in street fights or brawls in public spaces.Don't Blame Us if Arrested in Street Fights - Police tell Nigerians

He emphasizes that it is a criminal offense and cautions citizens not to hold the police responsible should they find themselves in cuffs.

Adejobi, in an official statement posted on his X account (formerly Twitter) last Friday, urged Nigerians to be mindful of the legal consequences that come with fighting in public places.

He specifically highlighted that such actions could lead to imprisonment.

Adejobi stated that there is a need to remind Nigerians about the offense known as Affray, which essentially referred to “two fighting” or a free-for-all when two or more individuals engaged in a public fight.

He mentioned that Section 76 of the Criminal Code provided an explanation for this.

He further added that the best course of action is to refrain from fighting in public or anywhere else because that altercation can land you behind bars or in a courtroom, and in many instances, result in imprisonment.

Don’t blame the police when you are arrested for fighting in the street, a motor garage, or any public place. It’s an offence,” he sternly cautioned.

Adejobi’s message serves as a timely reminder for Nigerians to exercise restraint and resolve conflicts through peaceful means, avoiding unnecessary altercations in public spaces.

Stay informed, stay safe, and be responsible citizens.

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