Governor Wike claims he supports IPOB's agitation but not violence

Governor Wike claims he supports IPOB’s agitation but not violence

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Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, declared on Monday that he supports the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) agitation but not the violence linked with the organisation.

Governor Wike claims he supports IPOB's agitation but not violence

Governor Wike stated this during a Channels TV interview on Monday. He stated that they should sit together at a round table and address their concerns.

He also stated that there is unfairness and division in the country, but that killing citizens is not the greatest method to fight injustice.

I support the agitations in the South-East, whether anybody likes it or not, I do,” Wike said. “We should sit down at the round table and discuss it. But again what do I do wrong when you have not gone to say ‘bomb everything there.’ I am a governor and you are telling me what has never happened and I should accept? Do you need to kill everybody in my area simply for me to say I am with you? And I say no, I won’t do that.” – Wike said.

The governor also chastised opponents who implied that he did not back IPOB. When he openly endorsed their cause of activism against injustice in the country, he questioned where they were.

When asked if IPOB is a threat to him, the governor did not say yes or no.

Why will they be a threat to me? It is because of the division in this country today that we have never had this country being divided this way. What pains me is that people take politics to think that I want to use this opportunity to fight this person. There came a time IPOB was singing praises about Wike. This Nnamdi Kanu was singing praises (that) Wike is our son,” he said


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