Rivers govt summon Contractor handling Oyigbo-Okoloma road over slow-paced work

Rivers govt summon Contractor handling Oyigbo-Okoloma road over slow-paced work

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The 13.599km 1st phase of Trans-Kalabari Road project that was flagged-off in June 2021 has attained 78 percent completion, despite the difficulty of the terrain.Rivers govt summon Contractor handling Oyigbo-Okoloma road over slow-paced work

This was disclosed by Dr. George-Kelly D. Alabo, FNIQS, the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Rivers State during an inspection of the project on Monday, 26 September, 2022.

The Commissioner emphasized that after the slabs and beams are finished and just the asphalting remains, the project would be effectively completed.

Three spans of 20m each have been launched from both approaches; from the Krakrama approach and the Degema approach. Making it a total of 120m launched so far. Tomorrow another two spans of 20m each will be launched, making it 160m in all.” – he said.

The Commissioner added that;

The final three spans of 34m each will be launched in about two weeks time because they need a special equipment called hydraulic beam launcher. The total length of the bridge is 262m, which consists of eight spans of 20m each and three spans of 34m each. The total length of the road is 13.599km.

Along with other projects, Dr. George-Kelly examined the 27.12 km Chokocho Igbodo Road project in the Etche Local Government Area. He was pleased with the caliber and speed of the work completed so far.

Over 70 percent of the project’s asphalt has already been laid; drains on both sides of the road have been finished; and the contractor has stated that they can complete the project by December of this year.

The Honourable Commissioner was, however, frustrated by the sluggish progress being made at the project site for the Oyigbo-Okoloma Road.

He voiced his disappointment that the quantity of work completed thus far does not match the sum that the state government has already spent.

In order to lessen the suffering of the residents during construction, he instructed the contractor to make sure that the stone base is completed along the entire length of the road before beginning the asphalting from one end.

Dr. George-Kelly requested a vital meeting with the contractor and the CRE in his office on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, since the project’s current state is unacceptable.


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