John Lion share details of his involvement in kidnapping business

John Lion share details of his involvement in kidnapping business

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Nigerians were shocked to learn that John Lion, the alleged mastermind of several high-profile kidnapping business in Bayelsa state, had been apprehended by Operation Puff Adder operatives in Abuja.John Lion share details of his involvement in kidnapping business

The chief architect of the kidnappings, John Ikechukwu Ewa, sometimes known as “John Lion” or “John Lyon,” has revealed information about his role in the alleged crime.

Following his arrest in Abuja, he was paraded yesterday in Yenagoa, the state capital of Bayelsa.

He claims he was tricked into taking a kidnapping gang to the house of the bank manager where he had previously worked as a janitor.

The suspect said that he received N1.5 million and $10,000 for his involvement.

The suspect is well-known for living a life of luxury and for being a frequent visitor at Yenagoa nightclubs. Three other members of his gang were also paraded with him.

When he worked as a dispatch rider at a commercial bank, he changed his name to John Lyon, but was later fired as a result of accusation of his involvement in criminal activity at the bank.

He gained access to confidential information while employed at the bank as a result of his work as an errand boy for superiors.

He provided these to criminal groups for use in operations. John Lion hired youngsters to run a kidnapping business that specialized in abducting prominent state people after he was fired.

Security personnel started looking for Ewa after two suspects, Kingsley Innocent and Godlives Donald, who were responsible for the kidnapping of Mr. Danjuma Emeije, a manager at Premium Trust Bank, Yenagoa, were apprehended.

The kidnapping of the sister of former governor Seriake Dickson is purportedly the work of the suspect.

However, Ewa admitted to being engaged in just two kidnapping incidents while being questioned.


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