Nollywood Actor beg Nigerians

I seriously need your prayers – Nollywood Actor beg Nigerians

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Nollywood Actor beg Nigerians to pray for him as he set to undergo procedural surgery, says it’s scary but he doesn’t have a choice. 

Nollywood Actor beg Nigerians

Clem Ohameze, a well-known Nigerian actor, has requested Nigerians to pray for him.

The veteran Nollywood actor has asked for prayers as he prepares for vital surgery to repair his cervical vertebrae and regain control of his limbs.

According to reports, the movie star was involved in an accident a few years ago and suffered an injury to his lower limbs, limiting his mobility.

Clem Ohameze, in a brief video released online stated that the sickness has been the main cause of his absence from the Nollywood scene for a while due to his restriction in movement.

He said that the surgery is frightening, but that he has go through it if he wants to regain complete mobility again.

The Nollywood Actor beg Nigerians to pray for him saying;

I seriously need people’s thoughts and prayers as I go in for this procedural surgery. It’s scary but I have no choice.”


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