Lyco & Lucas from Lotto Boyzz Release New Hit 'Ice N Rum'

Midlands’ Hottest Duo: Lyco & Lucas from Lotto Boyzz Release New Hit ‘Ice N Rum’

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Get ready for a musical sensation as two of the Midlands’ most talented artists, Lyco and Lucas from Lotto Boyzz in Birmingham, join forces to drop their latest sizzling single, ‘Ice N Rum.’Midlands' Hottest Duo: Lyco & Lucas from Lotto Boyzz Release New Hit 'Ice N Rum'

This track is a delectable fusion of UK Rap and Afrobeats, perfect for wrapping up your summer with some tantalizing vibes.

Lucas brings his lyrical prowess to the forefront, painting a picture of a romance filled with ups and downs, but ultimately breaking free from the cycle of arguments and drama.

Listen + Download the audio HERE

Lyco complements this with his smooth Afrobeats-infused vocals, elevating the song into a more upbeat direction, mirroring the dynamics of the relationship.

The music video perfectly captures the relaxed, melodic atmosphere of the track, with Lyco and Lucas surrounded by beautiful women, enjoying a night at the casino, and sharing good food with their friends.Midlands' Hottest Duo: Lyco & Lucas from Lotto Boyzz Release New Hit 'Ice N Rum'

This song is a rhythmic masterpiece, seamlessly blending UK rap and Afrobeats with the harmonious melodies of R&B, creating a track that’s not just memorable but utterly mesmerizing.

About Lyco

LYCO, a multi-genre singer-songwriter hailing from Birmingham, United Kingdom, brings his Nigerian heritage into the mix, infusing Afrobeat with fresh and dramatic flavors.

He’s not just a musician but also a talented content creator, gaining over 100,000 followers on TikTok through his comedy and documentary skits. His global fanbase sets the stage for his international success.

Formerly known as part of Birmingham’s “LYCO X WXYNE” duo, LYCO has ventured into a solo career, aiming to deliver groundbreaking melodies that will transcend the Afrobeats movement, both locally and abroad.

About Lucas (aka Lotto Boyzz)

The rise of Birmingham’s Lotto Boyzz, Ash (21) and Lucas (22), has been nothing short of meteoric.

Their journey began in September 2016 with the release of ‘Hitlist,’ a track that perfectly encapsulated the fusion of sweet RnB harmonies, infectious Afrobeats rhythms, and bass-heavy dancehall vibes, propelling them into the spotlight of the UK’s burgeoning afrobashment scene.

Following ‘Hitlist,’ they released two more self-produced singles, ‘Bad Gyal’ and ‘No Don,’ refining their signature sound with earworm vocal hooks and irresistible dancefloor energy.

Drawing from genres like afrobeats, rap, bashment, and gospel, they crafted a unique sound that quickly garnered millions of views on YouTube.

The visuals is also out for your pleasure

Lyco and Lucas are the Midlands’ musical powerhouses, and ‘Ice N Rum’ is proof of their ability to create hits that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Don’t miss out on this musical journey that’s bound to leave you wanting more.

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