Ndotz delivers the long awaited tik tok track – ‘Check (You Know)’

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Another product of the Tik Tok world, Ndotz is here to deliver his highly anticipated single ‘Check’, following its hype on the social media platform.Ndotz drops the long awaited tik tok track – ‘Check'

After expanding into the world of music, ‘Check’ offers an infectious chorus like no other, partnered with a top visual production.

The adolescent teenager represents North London and an Angolan heritage. Entering the scene as a dancer back in 2018 on Russ Millions smash hit ‘Gun Lean’, he then went on to tour with the artist before creating his own music where we are today.

Previewing the song ‘Check’ this year caused Ndotz to amass 122k followers on Tik Tok, 4 million likes and even saw the likes of Fredo doing the challenge on the platform. This viral track caught the eye of David Sonubi, the founder and day to day runner of No Signal.

Forming his own label Seven Twenty Records to embark on his next venture with Ndotz’s ‘Check’ being the first of many releases to come.

Ndotz – Check [Download/Stream]

A fun instrumental with melodic but rhythmic guitar teamed up with a strong groove from the drums and 808s, with top verses from the young rapper who dances over the beat in stellar harmony but with his own flows.

The term ‘catchy chorus’ has never been so relevant and explains why the track went viral before it even came out. “Has she got a smile, check, eyes, check” rings around in the chorus bridge as Ndotz portrays his cheeky side to the listener.

With all the videos and dances created on the Tik Tok platform from the original snippet, it was evident they had to do a video to illustrate this tracks danceability. Filmed in the urban areas of London, Ndotz is joined by many of his friends as they show just how entertaining this track is and brings across the mischievous character of the artist.

Setting out his journey on YouTube where he gained 32k subscribers in the first year, the hungry teenager wanted to diversify and grow further.

Ndotz – Check [Watch]

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He wanted to exercise his talent in music and that is exactly what we are seeing with ‘Check’. Considering the track was viral before this release, there is no limit to how far this track could go.

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