New Music: Rising South-East London rapper ML, releases ‘Folks’

New Music: Rising South-East London rapper ML, releases ‘Folks’
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Rising South- East London rapper ML releases ‘Folks’, the next instalment of a slew of releases in the run up to his debut mixtape later this year.New Music: Rising South-East London rapper ML, releases ‘Folks’

Not sticking to one sound, ML is a diverse musician who plans to show his versatility across all his forthcoming releases and whilst basing his music on current feelings and life experiences.

‘Folks’ features a skippy production with ML’s smooth flow and vocals. The track itself is relatable on many levels. Reflecting the loyalty that one may have for their friendship group or “Folks”.

Stream ML – ‘Folks’ here >>> HERE

With a juxtaposing visual reflecting a narrative of someone who’s trying to find their path and pursue their dreams.

At the start we see ML in a garden working, whilst a colleague tells him that his track is big, ML explains, he’s trying to do some ‘major things’.

Throughout the video we see London rapper progress through jobs to pursue his real passion for music.

This is just the beginning of what is looking to be a fulfilling career for the young rapper.

Watch ML – ‘Folks’ here —->

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