Tech Firm set to pay $200,000 to use your face, voice on their robots ‘forever’

your face and voice on their robots
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A Tech Firm is looking set to pay a whopping sum of $200,000 to use your face and voice on their robots ‘forever’.your face and voice on their robots

The Russian robotics firm is making waves for an intriguing offer: for $200,000 USD, one person will relinquish the rights to their face and voice for use in robot development.

The firm is recognized for its hyper-realistic, humanoid robots. The Promobot unveiled the “Android Robo-C” in 2019, a made-to-order robot that can be customized to look like anyone.

Promobot is now working on “a humanoid robot assistant that will work in hotels, shopping malls, and other crowded venues” and is looking for your face and voice on their robots to model it after.

In a recent news release, they stated that they are “prepared to pay $200,000 to someone willing to relinquish the rights to use one’s face indefinitely.”

The applicants’ age and gender are unimportant, according to the statement, but their faces must be “warm and welcoming.”

The company explained, per their press release;

Our company is developing technologies in the field of facial recognition, as well speech, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence and other areas of robotics.”

Adding that;

Since 2019, we have been actively manufacturing and supplying humanoid robots to the market. Our new clients want to launch a large-scale project, and as for this, they need to license a new robot appearance to avoid legal delays.”

Specifically, “the order for a new robot was placed by an American company supplying solutions to airports, shopping malls and retail stores within North America and the Middle East.” They added that the robot, featuring one applicant’s face, “will start its activities in 2023.”


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