Court orders Kano State to apologise to Sanusi, pay him N10m

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Court orders Kano State to apologise to Sanusi for illegally dethroning him and demand that the emir be paid the sum of ten million naira.Kano State to apologise to Sanusi

Kano state government has been ordered by the Federal High Court in Abuja on Tuesday to publish an apology in two national publications to the dethroned Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi.

Sanusi’s forced exile from the state after his dethronement was illegal, unconstitutional, and a grave violation of his fundamental human rights, according to the court’s ruling, delivered by Justice Anwuli Chikere.

As a result, the court ordered N10 million in damages to Kano state in favor of the ousted Emir.



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