Governor Zulum Unveil Plans Modernizing Specialist Hospital, doctors' houses

Governor Zulum Unveil Plans of Modernizing Specialist Hospital, doctors’ houses

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Babagana Umara Zulum, the Governor of Borno State, has taken a significant step towards enhancing healthcare in the region with Modernizing Specialist Hospital and doctors’ houses.Governor Zulum orders remodeling of Specialist Hospital, doctors' houses

Breaking Barriers in Healthcare: Borno State’s Bold Leap Forward

During a recent visit to the State’s Specialist Hospital in Maiduguri, Governor Zulum directed the hospital’s transformation through modernization and expansion efforts.

The Governor’s proactive approach was evident as he emphasized the need to elevate the medical infrastructure.

He announced that new structures would be constructed to accommodate doctors and healthcare professionals, ensuring that they have convenient and functional office spaces within the hospital premises.

In addition to this, Governor Zulum recognized the importance of providing comfortable accommodation for medical doctors.

To this end, he ordered the rehabilitation of ‘Buba Marwa House,’ which currently serves as lodging for the dedicated medical professionals associated with the Specialist Hospital.Governor Zulum orders remodeling of Specialist Hospital, doctors' houses

Governor Zulum’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services in Borno State was further underscored by his announcement of forthcoming improvements.

He revealed plans to procure essential medical equipment that is currently lacking in the hospital.

This forward-looking approach is set to bolster the hospital’s capabilities and enable medical staff to deliver the best possible care.

Governor Zulum also pledged to expand the medical team by recruiting more skilled doctors and nurses.

This move not only addresses the shortage of medical personnel but also ensures that patients receive timely and comprehensive attention.

Governor Zulum articulated the significance of these endeavors, emphasizing that they collectively work towards revitalizing Borno State’s healthcare system.Governor Zulum Unveil Plans Modernizing Specialist Hospital, doctors' houses

Accompanying Governor Zulum during this crucial assessment were prominent government officials, including Bukar Tijjani, the Secretary to the State Government.

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