Palliative: The 16,800 Bags of Rice from FG is Not for PDP Alone – Sim Fubara

Palliative: The 16,800 Bags of Rice from FG is Not for PDP Alone - Sim Fubara
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Siminalayi Fubara, the governor of Rivers State, declared on Friday that the 16,800 bags of rice the state received from the federal government as a palliative weren’t intended just for the PDP. Palliative: The 16,800 Bags of Rice from FG is Not for PDP Alone - Sim Fubara

The governor stated this while officially announcing that the state Government has received the substantial relief package to assist the most vulnerable citizens in coping with the challenges arising from the removal of fuel subsidies.

This relief includes N2 billion in funds and a significant supply of 16,800 bags of rice.

During the inauguration of the State’s Palliatives Sharing Committee, Governor Fubara elaborated on the origin of these resources.

The N2 billion allocation came from the federal government, while the rice was distributed to states by the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) as part of their collective effort to mitigate the hardships caused by the subsidy removal.

Governor Fubara emphasized the critical nature of the current situation, stating that the country was at a crossroads because of the removal of subsidy, which had brought much hardship in the lives and businesses of virtually everyone.

He said that for that reason, states, the federal government, and other well-meaning individuals were providing succor under the circumstance.

In that order, he said that the NGF, in their bid to alleviate the situation, had decided to distribute to each state about 16,800 bags of rice.

He went on to stress the importance of using the N2 billion effectively, saying that it is not just about sharing the money, but about applying it to something that would touch the lives of those in need.

He claimed that they will come up with a decision very soon and will give the committee directives on what to do when the time comes.

Regarding the fair distribution of rice, Governor Fubara urged the committee members to adopt a non-partisan approach.

He emphasized that;

The rice is not about party, it is about the state. We thought it wise and proper to bring in all the Local Government (LG) chairmen, since you represent your respective areas. You are not the LG chairman of the PDP, but the LG Chairman of your entire LGA.”

He concluded by saying;

“I won’t tell you what to do, but I think it should be a communal formula. My major charge to you is to ensure that in the course of discharging this duty, don’t tag it party. Though it may not solve the entire problem, but it will touch those who really need this support.
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