Former Governor Nyesom Wike Survives Poisoning: Shocking Revelations

Former Governor Nyesom Wike Survives Poisoning: Shocking Revelations
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In a startling revelation, former Governor Nyesom Wike has disclosed that he fell victim to poisoning while visiting the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign secretariat back in 2018.Former Governor Nyesom Wike Survives Poisoning: Shocking Revelations

Speaking at a recent family thanksgiving service held at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Rumuepirikom Deanery, Wike shared the harrowing details of his experience, which resulted in liver and kidney failure, eventually leading him to seek medical treatment abroad.

Wike vividly recalled the incident, explaining how his health rapidly deteriorated after being poisoned on that fateful day.

He had been scheduled to attend the thanksgiving ceremony of his former Chief of Staff, Emeka Woke. However, the poisoning left him incapacitated and confined to his room.

From that Sunday, I never came down from my room. It was bad, but those who attended the January 1 state banquet of 2019 will know that I never spoke that day. I just sat down there and I told my deputy governor to speak on my behalf,” Wike recounted.

The severity of Wike’s condition became evident, leading to his urgent evacuation from the country.

He was subsequently flown to Beirut, Lebanon, where medical professionals diagnosed him with liver and kidney failure.

The former governor expressed his shock upon receiving the gloomy report from the doctors, who initially provided little information about his prognosis.

Recalling the pivotal moment, Wike said;

When we got to Beirut, the doctors looked at me and I was looking at them. They were not telling me anything; they said we have to do many tests.”

However, against all odds, divine intervention played a crucial role in turning the situation around. Wike described how God miraculously began restoring his failing organs, averting what could have been a catastrophic outcome.

The next morning, the doctors returned and presented a gloomy report that my kidney and liver were no longer functioning. But through divine providence, what would have been a disastrous situation was miraculously turned around by God, who immediately began to restore the failed organs,” Wike revealed.

In a testament to his remarkable recovery, within just one week, Wike experienced an astonishing reversal of his condition.

He regained his health, allowing him to return to Nigeria and resume the 2019 campaign for his second term in office.

This revelation has shocked the political landscape of Rivers State, sparking discussions about the potential motives behind the poisoning incident and highlighting the need for increased security measures for public officials.

Disclaimer: This news article is based on factual events and statements made by former Governor Nyesom Wike.

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