Nigerian police launches NPF Rescue Me App for emergencies

Nigeria police launches NPF Rescue Me App for emergencies
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The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has released an app for Android and iPhone users called NPF Rescue Me, which is only used if you are in a life-threatening situation.Nigeria police launches NPF Rescue Me App for emergencies

The NPF Rescue Me App was created to assist Nigerians in receiving immediate assistance when they are in need.

Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Police Public Relations Officer, explained in a series of tweets over the weekend that the app was intended to allow the Force respond as swiftly as possible to distresses.

In the event of an emergency, contacting the NPF is a difficult but important initial step.

The rescue me app is designed to help you in these scenarios by gathering information that the command and control unit needs to know about you, your predicament, and your position before dispatching help.

The app allows users to share personal information like their name, medical information, address, and location with operators at the Nigeria Police Force’s command and control unit, who will then dispatch the necessary assistance to assure you, your family’s, and property’s ultimate safety.


At the top of the emergency button, your alert will be automatically sent to the Nigeria Police Force command and control team where our trained operators will track your location with GPS and dispatch the necessary help your way


If you notice a crime is being committed or your safety is being threatened in any way, the app has a report a crime feature which uses web-based dispatch systems for quick help and intervention by man of the Nigerian Police Force


Are you lost and read the light guide to ascertain your location and route? The navigation future will pin-point your current location and accurately guide you to your destination using GPS


With this feature you can save the contact details of your relatives or those you’ll like to reach out to in case of an emergency at the tap of a button


Found a police officer exhibiting a discourteous behavior or acting contrary to the sew and you feel the need to report? It is easier to reach out to the Nigeria Police Pubic Complaints Rapid Response Unit than ever. You can file a import by simply clicking on this feature on the app with an option to upload your evidence.


This futures spot on if you have a medical emergency or see people in a medical emergency like road accident and fire outbreak. A simple tap on the request an ambulance icon will get on ambulance and a medical team ditched to your locations via web band GPS tracking

Note: Please do not test it or do a prank use, so as to know when true emergency action is in place



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