The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth – February Playlist Review

The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth (February Playlist) Review
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The Artiste Guide (TAG) is a home for future superstars to come and learn, relate, connect, promote, and grow together on their journey to SUCCESS as we present BreakOutOfTheMonth – February.The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth - February Playlist Review

TAG is the first music community with a FAMILY BOND and SUPPORT POWER in Nigeria.

Amongst its several ways of promoting future stars, The #BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist is a monthly playlist that majors on promoting extremely talented emerging artistes.

BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist (February edition)

In this month’s edition, we’re introducing a sweet twist. At the end of this article, we’ll be picking out 3 outstanding songs and giving the Artistes prizes they would absolutely love and appreciate.

Now, the review: The Track list

1. ESQ – Tango ft. Nananii

The playlist started off with a 10/10 piece and you just don’t go wrong with that. The sleek and catchy chorus is to listen for. I loved how the song started most especially and it was purely captivating.

2. The Creative Rae – Nkechi

Nkechi had me waving side to side reminiscing my times in love. It is smooth flowing and lovely. A solid 8/10. The storyline was well portrayed.

3. Rowlando – Found Love

A catchy chorus and stress free verses, what’s not to love. The variety in the melodies feels like you’re eating from flavour layered cakes. An 8.

4. Khaid – Jolie

Another flavour layered cake. This curator wants to finish us with sugar! It’s sweet! Khaid takes us on a melodic rollercoaster and it is the good kind. Very groovey. Rating this a 10!

5. Onizzy – Loving

Starting slow, the catchy chorus finally drew me in. It’s that type you sing along to at first listen. The writing behind the bop seems to be adequate but clarity seems to be an issue. A 6.

6. Jeggs – Packaging

Taking me back to afrobeats jams before 2020! It’s danceable and the chorus is an afrobeat classic. An 8. It’s filled with happy vibes.

7. Supernovaaa – On my way

RnB masterclass, I must say. The lyrics, melodies, and vocals are just what you’d expect and more actually. He had some impressively cruel runs and I’m loving it! A solid 8!

8. Rema – Holiday

Rema’s catch phrase is what this is and you know that’s another banger! The story behind the song, the melodies, the cohesiveness, the boppy mode, and every other thing in-between is just to live for. A solid 10

9. Enexty – Omo mi

Enexty, excuse me??? Did you have an angel singing through you??? This song instantaneously captivated me and I’m not sorry, but this has to be my favorite song yet on this playlist.

The production is the secret ingredient but the lyricsm and melody patterns were completely out of this world. Another solid 10!

10. Olamilekan – Focus

Giving off that afroadura aura safe for the lack of Yoruba language. The message portrayal and catchy chorus does the trick for this motivational jam. It’s a 10.

11. McKoy – Normally ft. Fazil, JaysonWealth

Only right for a proper full blown afro adura to come in now. All acts stayed true to the message and delivered adequately. The chorus is pretty catchy and repetitive enough to sing along to after one listen. An 8.

12. Toyin D – Jeje

Chill, relaxed, and laid back melodies. It’s pretty good for listening when you just want to hang around and feel relaxed almost like the title professes. Calm. A 7.

13. Miede- Testimony ft. Drexy

Another layered cake but this time, make it afroadura and groovey as f#ck! It can compel your body to move by itself. A solid 8.

14. Boy Count – Fallacy

Boy count employed the perfect use of the pre-chorus and chorus method. Almost every part of the song is catchy and the end but goes way hardd. It’s a solid 8.

15. Sanzdre – Folake

I honestly became intrigued by the creative direction of the song the moment it started. It felt like I was watching a movie through the music, it was another world on its own. I really wanted to know how the movie ended, lol. A 9.

16. Draze – Silly

Again, you don’t go wrong with easy catchy choruses. Apart from that, the cohesiveness of the whole song is admirable. Rating this an 8.

17. Bobby the sound – NWUO

Another creatively directed song giving off that smooth Ckay style. Bobby the sound understood the assignment and delivered well. It’s a solid 8 for me.

18. Shay E – God when ft. Tobi toun

Who said rap is dead in naija? Tell him to give this a listen! The pure captivating style and delivery on this alone is enough to convince any hater that rap still slaps in the +234. The chorus is so seamless, I had a eargasm. It’s also society conscious. A 10!

19. Mxna – Ode from the future

Energetic and a salad of melodies. It’s rap and it is totally beautiful. Cohesive AF and true to the emotions portrayed in the vocals. Gave off Blaqbonez’s style but it was more than that. It was utterly creative. A solid 9!

20. Promzy – Nwa Abia

Club hit material and it’s not even my language but the vibe broke that barrier down entirely. The chorus goes hard! An 8.

21. TBF Homeboy – No Love

Another rap song that doesn’t fail to deliver, TBF homeboy spares no beat and goes in for the kill. He dominated from start to finish and the beat must have been begging for a breather, lol. An 8.

22. Chigo OWB – Born For Glory

This is a motivational piece that is sure to elevate your confidence while listening. I love the lyrics and the chorus is a mood. An 8 for writing.

23. Bnxn – Gwagalada ft. Kizz Daniel, Seyi Vibez

From kizz Daniel’s intro to BNXN’s chorus, to Seyi’s verse; everything felt like a perfect blend of different confectionery. A 10.

24. Only1Riddy – Time Bomb

The songwriting is sleek and cohesive, I like it. The chorus is easy to remember and makes it easy to sing along to. An 8.

25. Boy spyce – Folake

Rhyme scheme, choice of melodies, vocals, and overall presentation of this song makes it an instant favorite. It is lamba material and would absolutely slap at parties and clubs. A strong 9.

26. Young jonn – Currency ft. Olamide

You see Olamide on a track and you just prepare yourself to be utterly impressed. Young John doesn’t slack either as they combine for an afrobeat masterclass. A strong 9. It comes with comedic elements and light-hearted lyrics to keep you entertained.

27. Toby Rein – My Soul

Toby Rein held his ground with the genre of this track and I’m impressed. The songwriting was real good and I enjoyed the ride through the music. A strong 8.

28. Ckay – Emiliana

Emiliana is so good, you find yourself immersed in the melodies and the soft lyricism. Emo-afrobeat really knows how to play with your feelings. It’s a strong 9 for me.

29. Niniola – Memories

Niniola’s vocals captivate and imprison you in a fraction of time and space you don’t want to get out of too quick. Her falsettos on this are just as beautiful as on her other more popular songs. A strong 8.

30. Kwesi – The Lord’s Prayer

Afro adura but turn it up a level. It’s a beautiful listen and I loved every bit of it. It was crowned with a deserving rap verse and the chorus was really good. An 8 for me.

31. Ancient Memories – Mind bokeh

This instrumental track ending the playlist is like grounding you after you’ve been pumped. It is calm and easy going. Almost feels like it is cleansing your ears.

As promised at the beginning of this article, we’re picking three songs out of 31 and rewarding the creative behind it with something special so let’s get right into announcing our top acts for the month of February and what they’re getting from the TAG brand.

You can listen here – Audiomack: HERE


Top 3 winners of the BreakOutOfTheMonth February playlist.

1. ESQ (Tango) ?

Coming in at first place, Tango gets more than a nod from the brand but also gets to be promoted across all the Brand’s platform for 3 full weeks. It’s a reward for being exceptionally exceptional amongst other exceptional acts.

2. Enexty (Omo mi) ?

Coming in second, we have Omo mi being rewarded with being the playlist’s cover and also enjoying 2 weeks of promotion across all the Brand’s platforms. A well deserved prize.

3. Olamilekan (Focus) ?

Our 3rd top song for the month of February is Focus which will be enjoying a week’s long promotion.

Written by Temidayo Olambiwoninu.
For The Artiste Guide (TAG)
#BreakOutOfTheMonth February playlist.

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