Ghostface600 releases ‘Tmac’-‘Tugg melodies Ape Colours’ project

Ghostface600 releases ‘Tmac’-'Tugg melodies Ape Colours’ project
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Milford Mayor and founder of Wave-Drill rapper Ghostface600 releases his new mixtape ‘TMAC’- Tugg Melodies Ape Colours’ alongside a brand new video for ‘LA City’ featuring Sng, Delarua, Ricasszz, Dirty Harry & Sepa.Ghostface600 releases ‘Tmac’-'Tugg melodies Ape Colours’ project

Paying homage to his late friend, Tugga, Ghostface makes sure his name lives forever by entitling this project after him. He touches on a number of topics such as the loss of his friend, love, mental health and so much more.

Having released ‘Blue Mat’, ‘Dragon Tattoo’ and ‘Runaway’ in the run up to the release of the mixtape, Ghostface600 has shifted away from the gritty disposition of his previous work, ushering in a new vulnerable side of his artistry, whilst still using Drill bars, but delivering them in a unique slowed down manner.

Download/stream – Ghostface600 – Tugg melodies Ape Colours’ Here

Spending years rising through the ranks with his raw unfiltered street talk winning over audiences, he has carved a lane for himself that has put him at the forefront of the melodic rap scene.

‘Tugg Melodies Ape Colour’ is his most diverse and honest project release to date. Opening with ‘720 hours’ a very sincere single, he speaks about his struggles with his own mental health, featuring a direct voice recording about his place in the music industry, which leads into the more melodic R&Drill type tracks like ‘Best Company’, ‘Runaway’, ‘On Me’ and ‘Hearts Never Mend’.

TMAC also features some of those more greazy releases that Ghostface is known for such as ‘Bullet’,’ Big 44 No Safety’ and ‘La City’ which features SNG, Delarua, Dirty Harry, Ricaasszz and Sepa.

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