New Music: Ghostface600 releases new song titled ‘Dragon Tattoo’ featuring Dxinx

New Music: Ghostface600 releases Dragon Tattoo Ft. Dxinx
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The founder of Wave-Drill and Catford artist Ghostface600 has released a stunning new track ‘Dragon Tattoo’ alongside cinematic visuals. New Music: Ghostface600 releases Dragon Tattoo Ft. Dxinx

He slows it down on this one in a love story for the ladies and fellas in this powerful Drill ballad. A beautiful piano instrumental leads the way for Ghostface600 and DXINX to vocal their take on the relationship.

Steering away from the gritty disposition of his previous works, the rapper delivers his signature vocals across a host of softer melodic backdrops.

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Ghostface600 has an increasingly diverse sound with standout hooks that juxtapose the often dark content in his releases, proving why he is a leading figure in the melodic rap scene.

Having spent the years rising through the ranks, with his raw unfiltered street talk winning over audiences, Ghostface600 releases a R&Drill drop ‘Dragon Tattoo’

Showing a soft, vulnerable side ‘Dragon Tattoo’ follows on from recent release ‘Blue Mat’ and features a female vocalist DXINX. The self-described ‘rapper with melodies’ and founder of Wave-Drill slows it right down over a refined, dramatic production, with the contrasting female chorus over piano notes giving the single a ballad feel.

Watch Ghostface600 – Dragon Tattoo Ft. Dxinx

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The visual is directed by Ghostface600 himself alongside Kirx Diaz. Continuing with a dark theme, not so much content wise this time around but more so with the visuals being shot at night with an elegant twist featuring a piano in the visuals, as well as Ghostface600 putting his mask back on for parts of the video after having recently revealed his face in previous visual “Super Freak”.

Showing off his increasingly diverse sound and revealing a new side to his artistry with every release, Ghostface600 continues to propel his career to new heights.


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