challenges Google

Share this (David) is the new search engine looking to take on the giant Google (Goliath)

A new player hit the scene today, launched its public beta testing phase today and promises privacy and more elaborate results to give Google a run for their money.  In other words challenges Google.

The company was started by Richard Socher and Bryan McCann, both were former executives employees at Salesforce.

The company stated

“They won’t sell your personal information, track you online or show you targeted ads, the company says. You can perform searches in a personal mode that can be customized for your preferences and that logs things like unsuccessful searches that need to be improved or in a private mode that records nothing.”

Richard Socher, said

“Our innovative interface that lets users interact with content by swiping up left and right and moving sources up and down based on preferences. We think it’s important to give users real agency through explicit personalization and customization,”

The search engine uses Microsoft Bing engine as well as search types, such as websites, YouTube videos, images, tweets, TikToks, and posts on Reddit and LinkedIn and presents the information in a grid of tiles. (see image below) challenges Google presents search results as tiles and users can swipe through to refine those results.

Ninety-two percent of searches worldwide is conducted on Google search engine. is one of many smaller search engine companies trying to take some of that margin from Google. Other browsers such as DuckDuckGo and Brave browser have attempted to make a dent in the market but have not made significant strides in the couple of years.

Amid the growing calls in the United States and European Union for more scrutiny of Big Tech companies including Google, challenges Google might be the David that brings down the Goliath in the near future.

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