BBNaija All Stars: Angel reveals her Mother Dated Nigeria Music Star D’banj

BBNaija All Stars: Angel reveals her Mother Once Dated Nigeria Music Star D’banj

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Amidst all the captivating events unfolding in BBNaija All-Stars, one housemate, Angel Smith, has unveiled a surprising connection—her mother, Titilala, shared with D’banj.BBNaija All Stars: Angel reveals her Mother Once Dated Nigeria Music Star D’banj

Accoring to Angel, her mother was once romantically involved with popular Nigerian singer.

This intriguing revelation came to light on a Tuesday as Angel engaged in a heartfelt conversation with her fellow housemate, Omashola.

The discussion, which also revolved around the well-known media personality Denrele Edun, led Angel to share a fascinating snippet from her past and that of her mother.

She revealed that her upbringing placed her in close proximity to Denrele Edun, who had a strong bond with her mother.

In her own words, Angel disclosed that her mom had her own stint in the industry as she was romantically involved with a prominent figure within the industry.

Curiosity piqued, Omashola couldn’t help but inquire about the identity of this influential figure.

With a sense of secrecy, Angel Smith whispered into Omashola’s ear that her mother’s former flame was none other than the iconic D’banj.

The surprising disclosure drew an amazed response from Omashola, who exclaimed, your mother must be quite youthful!

Angel concurred, sharing, “Indeed, she is. She reveales that just this past March, she celebrated her 40th birthday.

The BBNaija All-Stars house has certainly provided a platform for the unexpected to emerge, and Angel’s revelation about her mother’s romantic past with D’banj is no exception.

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