Burna Boy Features UK Rapper Dave in New Single ‘Cheat On Me’

Burna Boy Features UK Rapper Dave in New Single ‘Cheat On Me’

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Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy, a Grammy Award winner, delights us with his seventh single of 2023 titled “Cheat On Me”.Burna Boy Features UK Rapper Dave in New Single ‘Cheat On Me’

Released on August 22nd, the track had Burna Boy collaborating with UK rap phenomenon Dave, known for the hit “Location” from his 2019 album “PSYCHODRAMA.”

Their synergy shines as “Cheat On Me” unfurls a chipmunk soul-inspired production, underscored by Burna Boy’s signature Afro rhythm.

Stream + Download Burna Boy New Hit Song Featuring UK Rapper Dave HERE

High-pitched vocals open and weave through the chorus, singing, “Ah, and I couldn’t see, I was cheating on, cheating on me.”

This mellowness melds with both artists’ verses, delving into lives of luxury and meaningful connections.

Beyond the audio experience, an accompanying music video offers glimpses of the creative process and vibrant stage performances.

Burna Boy’s poignant lyric, “Taking my n*** around the world,” resonates alongside visuals of his jet-setting lifestyle and cherished moments.

“Cheat On Me” is one song that reveals Burna Boy and Dave’s artistic finesse, crafting a multi-dimensional encounter.

Immerse yourself in the melodies, savor the harmonies, and allow the music to rekindle your appreciation for storytelling through sound.

This release affirms their musical skills, leaving an indelible mark on the sonic landscape.

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