FromJerome Makes Waves with Infectious Debut Single “Next Day Delivery”

FromJerome Makes Waves with Infectious Debut Single "Next Day Delivery"
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The UK’s rising R&B star From Jerome blends dancehall and afrobeats in the anticipated track “Next Day Delivery.”FromJerome Makes Waves with Infectious Debut Single "Next Day Delivery"

Get ready for the next big thing in afrobeats and R&B fusion!

Hailing from both Nigerian and Grenadian roots, singer-songwriter FromJerome is making his grand entrance with “Next Day Delivery,” a track that’s already buzzing on TikTok and setting the stage for something special.

This genre-bending single is a vibrant tapestry of dancehall rhythms, infectious Afrobeats grooves, and smooth R&B vocals, all delivered with From Jerome’s undeniable charisma.

Stream + Listen to the song HERE

Building anticipation with fans on TikTok, the talented artist has finally fulfilled their wishes, dropping the audio this week and setting hearts aflutter with a Valentine’s Day video release on February 14th.

“Next Day Delivery” isn’t just a catchy tune; it’s a testament to From Jerome’s artistic growth.

“It was just a fun little track I put together in my bedroom,” he shares, “but it ended up being one of my favorites.”

From the lyrics to the harmonies, I poured my heart and soul into it, and it feels like a turning point in my music.”

Dive into the captivating world of FromJerome with “Next Day Delivery” and prepare to be swept away by his unique sound.

This is just the beginning, with an EP and more singles on the horizon. Don’t miss out on discovering your new favourite artist!

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