Kanii, Riovaz and Nimstarr Join Forces as 'The Heart Racers' For New Single "Tell Me"

Kanii, Riovaz and Nimstarr Join Forces as ‘The Heart Racers’ For New Single “Tell Me”

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Genre-bending DC vocalist Kanii (pronounced Ka-Nee) ignites the flames of passion with “Tell Me,” a pulsating new collaboration alongside Riovaz and Nimstarr under their electrifying moniker, The Heart Racers.

Kanii, Riovaz and Nimstarr Join Forces as 'The Heart Racers' For New Single "Tell Me"

This infectious track, dropping just ahead of their highly anticipated EP release on February 23rd, explodes with a potent blend of emotionally charged lyrics and vibrant retro production.

Dive into the sonic wonderland HERE and witness the mesmerising music video HERE, courtesy of Masked Records/Warner Records.

Fueled by a potent mix of new wave synth pulses and Kanii’s soaring vocals, “Tell Me” dives deep into the complexities of romantic turmoil and personal metamorphosis.

Kanii surrenders to the exhilarating rhythm, unleashing lyrics that paint a picture of passionate vulnerability.

This emotionally resonant banger will tug at your heartstrings while making your feet move on the dance floor.

The accompanying music video captures the electrifying essence of the track perfectly.

Kanii, Riovaz, and Nimstarr (collectively known as The Heart Racers) transform a bowling alley into their own personal dance party, perfectly mirroring the nostalgic sonic elements infused within the song.

Kanii, Riovaz and Nimstarr Join Forces as 'The Heart Racers' For New Single "Tell Me"

“Tell Me” is just another testament to Kanii’s remarkable versatility.

His effortless genre-bending and emotionally compelling vocals allow him to traverse soundscapes and captivate audiences with ease.

This release follows the success of his November EP, “It was nice knowing you,” a genre-defying project praised for its raw honesty, romantic sentiment, and kaleidoscopic production.

Kanii’s honed songwriting skills and artistic dexterity have already garnered him millions of streams, building upon the foundation laid by his earlier projects, “exiit” and the RIAA Gold-certified viral hit “I Know.”

This breakout single stormed the Billboard Hot 100 last spring, while its PRISVX remix climbed into the Top 50 of the US Spotify Chart and the Top 120 of the Global Spotify Chart, amassing a staggering 264 million global streams.

Stream + Listen to the new single HERE

With over 486 million global streams to his name and accolades from Rolling Stone, UPROXX, Wonderland, Lyrical Lemonade, People, and more, Kanii continues to solidify his position as a rising star within the music industry.

The Heart Racers are poised to take the world by storm, and “tell me” is just the beginning of their electrifying journey.

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