Meet Jaybrown De Ultimate: the timeless music man

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Joseph Olaluwa Joshua better known as Jaybrown De Ultimate is a singer, songwriter and music performing artiste that hails from Kwara state, Nigeria.Meet Jaybrown De Ultimate

In the journey to actualise his dreams, Jaybrown started music far back as 2013 with his first track titled Revelation.

A song that recieved positive reviews and accolades by friends and family.

Born in sept 19, 1999, Jaybrown De Ultimate loved and grew up listening to gospel music.Meet Jaybrown De Ultimate: the timeless music man

But in the twist of his own desires, he fell in love with the sound of K1 De Ultimate (Fuji icon) and continued to better himself during his schooling days at the polytechnic of Oyo state.

He currently combines studying Office technology in the university of Ilorin and his pursuit for music in a productive pattern.

Personally, Jaybrown is calm and collected, he believes strongly in making impact in life while one is still alive to enjoy it.

Jaybrown De Ultimate songs cuts across afrobeats, hip hop, indigenous rap and Amapiano.

He is set to drop his debut EP titled TIMELESS EP, a body of work that covers his evolution as a music artiste.Meet Jaybrown De Ultimate: the timeless music man

Keep up with Jaybrown on social media:

Instagram: @Jaybrown_De_Ultimate
Email: [email protected]


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