No1Again Unveils ‘Turbulent Lover’ EP: Smooth and Catchy

No1Again Unveils 'Turbulent Lover' EP: Smooth and Catchy
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Nikoro Ochuko, popularly known as No1Again, has delved into his love life and created a captivating body of work titled “Turbulent Lover.”No1Again Unveils 'Turbulent Lover' EP: Smooth and Catchy

This EP kicks off with the bold track “Situationship,” where No1Again expresses his disdain for playing games.

In this masterpiece, he narrates the bewildering transformation of his love life into a complicated situation.

Despite the storyline depicting an unwanted predicament, the song’s smooth sound and catchy hook leave a lasting impression in just under two minutes.

The subsequent single, “2 Seconds,” is a vibrant Afrobeat tune that instantly brightens any room. Listening to this incredible song allows you to release all your stress.

The infectious lyrics perfectly complement the beat, and No1Again’s performance is simply remarkable. The soothing chorus adds an extra layer of appeal.

“Trenches Love” is an irresistible tune that captures the essence of love found on the streets.

It exemplifies the raw and pure nature of a love that transcends material possessions and backgrounds. No1Again showcases his vocal prowess and seamlessly blends it with the instrumental.

The EP concludes with the heartfelt track, “Halima,” which creates a sense of tranquility in the turbulent lover’s journey. No1Again sings gently, conveying a newfound sense of peace and contentment.

“Halima” is a laid-back tune that you can sway and tap your feet to. By the end of the night, you’ll be grateful for experiencing it. It’s worth mentioning that the producer, Kronik, displayed sheer brilliance in creating this joint.

Distributed by Azuri, the “Turbulent Lover” EP will be available on all platforms starting July 14th. Pre-order the EP here:

Connect with No1Again on his socials @Niko_No1Again as he becomes a force to reckon with.

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