Top 5 Almost-Hit Songs Of 2021

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What’s the definition of a hit song? Well, the answer depends on alot of factors. From the fans love and acceptance to popularity to numbers to simplicity.

There isn’t one answer to it. But one thing is sure, a HIT song remains a HIT.

But if it popped and the fans loved it, the media accepted it but it didn’t go as far as it’s potential in numbers and achievements, then its an ALMOST-HIT song.

Anyway Guys, here are 5 TOP ALMOST-HIT songs of the year 2021:

5. Hustle by Teni.


Off the wondaland album in 2021, Teni the entertainer came through with “Hustle”, an emotional and thought provoking song that speaks directly to ones soul. And regardless of the Nigerian music taste, Hustle became a mild hit, one that found it’s way to everyone’s playlist.

Teni didn’t stop with just the audio, she went ahead and gave it a top class-soul touching video. A video that preached against undue pressure and suicide in the life’s of youth.

Hustle by Teni the entertainer is no doubt an amazing tune that’s loved and accepted by fans, but it didn’t become the big HIT that it could have been.

Music critics would hastily conclude that it’s because of the genre, but then, this same “genre” has produced classical hits we still remember today. So, it is what it is.

4. World by Bella Shmurda.

Bella Shmurda.

Bella Shmurda the leader of Dagbana Republik had an amazing 2021. The young lad kept dishing out bangers upon bangers, copping awards and touring places he used to dream of.

Amidst all the bubble, Bella dropped a laid back afrobeat tune titled WORLD. A beautifully orchestrated song that cuts deep into personal awareness, self believe and Life ethics.

World enjoyed massive airplays and streams on digital platforms.

But as big as big could be, it could be BIGGER. World “the 2:11” captivating tune is perceived not to have reached the heights of it’s true potentials. Does this have to do with its promotion or lyrics? You tell me.

3. Too Correct by Crayon ft Rema.

Too Correct

This is a banger starting from the first second till it’s last. Crayon and Rema surely has an irreplaceable chemistry together and “Too correct” is prove to that.

Released March 26 2021 under the wings of the Mavin Dynasty, Too correct is so melodious and easy to chew that it didn’t waste time to spread on all social media and platforms. The fans love it, the industry accepted it and Don Jazzy, didn’t stop posting about it.

Too correct obviously is one of the bangers that rocked millions of ears in 2021, it carried.. or better, still carries the potential of an International HIT song…a feat that wasn’t achieved in the year 2021.

2. History by Cheque & Fireboy DML.

History by Cheque & Fireboy DML

Friends turn to family, families go ahead to make history together. History by Super boy Cheque and Fireboy is a top class chune that 2021 blessed us with.

Everything just blends in this song. Despite being a trapper, cheque knows how to sing, Fireboy on the other hand completes the emotional feel the song needed. History is simply that song that makes memories beautiful.

Released in April 2021, History enjoyed massive tractions on social media, and young fans really connected to it. Music analysts would have placed a bet that it would become a national HIT but it didn’t. At best, it’s was a mild hit the fans will connected to.

1. Early Momo by Vector ft GoodGirl LA.

Vector ft GoodGirl LA

After the feud with fellow rapper M.I in 2020, Vector came through in another dimension on Valentine’s day 2021. This time, he comes with an anti-climatic love song titled Early Momo, a beautiful song with which he employed the assistance of Good GirlLA.

Early Momo is a classical piece that owns the ability to give it’s listener goosebumps and eargasms. February 14th was a perfect date to drop such tune, when it got out, fans crazed over it. Without delay, it ruled social media. Tik Tok and Triller videos of fans and co celebrities flooded the timeline, it was an adorable scenery.

Produced by Mr Klebb, Early Momo got big on social media and it enjoyed rotations on radio stations that it was poised to become the next BIG HIT that would justify the fact that an Rnb/soul duet can still do it in a generation of “gbas gbos” music. But it was not to be. Early Momo enjoyed it’s brief reign while it lasts and fans moved on faster than expected.

After all is said done, it’s noteworthy to state it clearly that making a HIT song is unknown and unpredictable.

Yes, they are procedures to follow, procedures that would set things in motion and provide easy access to fans, but no one can boast of having the formula to BLOW up a song and make it a BIG HIT. Thank you.

Written by Daniel Scott Eleh.
Instagram: @_daniellscott


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