Okechukwu Akara, the best administration we've seen so far - Oyigbo Residents

Okechukwu Akara, the best Oyigbo Chairman we’ve seen so far – Residents

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Oyigbo urban’s vibrant community, enriched by bustling markets and bustling residents, has found a reason to celebrate the current Chairman of the LGA like never before.Oyigbo Council Boss, the best administration so far - Residents

The residents and market users in Oyigbo urban have heaped praises on Oyigbo Local Government Council Chairman, Hon. Okechukwu Akara Nwaogu, claiming he’s the best administration they’ve seen so far.

The catalyst for this joyous sentiment? None other than the revered Council Boss, who has emerged as a transformative figure in the eyes of the people.

Both the vibrant Oyigbo Eke-Market and the locals who live along the well-known Market Road are gushing in their praise.

An important project that displays development, cleanliness, and a renewed feeling of purpose has been under progress.Oyigbo Council Boss, the best administration so far - Residents

The neighbourhood is seeing a new dawn as the previously disregarded drainages go through an amazing cleaning procedure and the prestigious Market Road goes through rigorous grading.

The eventful morning of August 19, 2023 saw the beginning of this wonderful transformation.

Market Road, a crucial route connecting Old Aba Road and the PH-Aba Motorway, is going through a transformation that will have a huge impact.

This pathway is being vigorously cleared of the filth and unneeded human traffic that once clogged it, restoring its original function as an avenue for smooth connectivity.

There was a boom of cheering in the air as residents and market people applaud Hon. Okechukwu Akara Nwaogu, the inspiration behind this bold initiative.

His persistent commitment to Oyigbo Urban’s improvement and restoration of its previous magnificence has won him widespread acclaim.

The Chairman is given a passionate salute in the words of Mr. Okafor Timothy, a well-known member of the community.Okechukwu Akara, the best administration we've seen so far - Oyigbo Residents

Mr. Timothy stated that this administration stands as the pinnacle of excellence during his tenure in Oyigbo.

He earnestly implores that the recently revitalised route stay free of the presence of unlicensed sellers.

likewise he made a passionate plea to the Flood Management Committee to be steadfast in their determination to reopen the road to vehicle traffic.

His appeal gets a voice by neighbours who agree with his vision of an urban environment transformed.

Acknowledging the fervor of the community, Hon. Temple Nwankwo, the esteemed Chairman of the Flood Management Committee, reiterates the unwavering resolve of the committee.

Their ultimate goal is to facilitate the unimpeded flow of vehicular movement from the market road down to the PH-Aba Expressway.Okechukwu Akara, the best administration we've seen so far - Oyigbo Residents

This strategic initiative not only promises to alleviate congestion on the Old Aba road but also hinges on the invaluable cooperation of every stakeholder within the community.

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